The magic island, the dream among dreams and the place to be or at least visit before you die.
We are proud to say that we have now established a good cooperation with one among the finest hotels in the area as we see it, Chapwani Resort, a private island 20 minutes by boat from Zanzibar town.

It is the perfect place for you to relax on, the seamless place to be and to find energy and rejuvenation, gaining new power for weeks to come.

With its 5 bungalows and 1 villa it is not for the mainstream, and as we are not mainstream, this suite us really well.

On the island you find the best of everything, from a family feeling of welcoming to great service and a wide spectra of activities you want to do. Just trust on this, it is FANTASTIC! Period.

Other than that, Zanzibar offers so much more, you have the spice farms, the national parks with different woods and the mangrove area which blows your mind away.

You also have the old town or the Stone town and where you can actually feel the wings of history passing by. Walking is a great doing and you reach pretty much everything in a minute or two.

The water is turquoise and calming and soothing in every way you want it and it just feel good when you let the warm ocean embrace you. When taking the boat, it is the start of the healing process, of getting down and ready for a nice vacation.

So most welcome to us and let you help you get the best experience you ever had on Zanzibar. We promise you a memory of a lifetime together with us.

Zanzibar, the place to be.