The idea behind this and the purpose:

Our goal is not only to find a solution to fertilizers that can be produced locally with local labor, especially women who work harder, are more honest and put the family primarily in all modes, but also show that a natural product does not deplete the soil that other global actors make. With this, it is possible to combine both local production with the benefit of the product. The upsides are many. One is of course also that there is a potential for good sales and profits when the value of fertilizers in Tanzania is 2-3 billion USD. Another point is that, in succeeding Tanzania, other markets in Sub Sahara open, mainly thinking of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Somalia.

In future, there is also a plan to allocate a certain amount of profits to various types of programs for women and children to ensure that these groups can really claim themselves in a typical male-dominated world.

Our business idea

  • A fertilizer made from Sea Weed from the Atlantic Sea
  • Selling to small holder farmers in Tanzania
  • It is an ecological 4in1 product that act as:
    1. Soaking product – Soak the seed for one day
    2. Traditional fertilizer
    3. Booster when seed is growing
    4. Herbicide due its capability to strengthen the plant and make it more resistant
  • It can be used stand-alone, but also as a complement to the traditional fertilizers
  • It is a safe non-chemical product that also enhance the soil

USP (unique selling points)

  • Unique product
    1. Increases the yield by minimum 27%, up to 40%
    2. Do not deplete the soil, on the contrary: ”feeds” the soil with macro and micronutrients like, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc boron and molybdenum
  • Ecological features
  • 4 in 1 product
    1. Soaking and planting
    2. Growing
    3. Booster ability
    4. Resistance enhancement
  • Price – Compatible in comparison with traditional fertilizers
  • Additional booster for other fertilizer
    1. Chemical traditional one
    2. Manure
  • Sustainability:
    • WHY the company do this is to be part of a bigger thing
    • WHY we do this is to give back something to “my” country
    • WHY you do this is to make a difference in a sustainable way

We want you to part of it. Do you?